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A Little About Me

Hello Journalism and new Media 257 Class,

My name is Alexander Muldrow and I am in your journalism 257 class. I am currently in my sophomore year at Towson University. I am a  Mass Communications major (and I am also considering to minor in Spanish), with aspirations to become a sports journalist and/or broadcaster. I currently live on campus in Newell Hall. Some things to know about me are: I am an avid sports fan. Of the three major sports that take place in America, I prefer to watch basketball and my favorite NBA team is the Boston Celtics.

The picture used for this posting was taken the day after my 20th birthday. It includes my older brother (left), my aunt (middle) and myself (right).




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One in 22,000: A Passion for Photography

2017-05-15 (1)

Bunmi Abari is displayed above taking photos of a model. (Photo by: Alexander Muldrow/ TU Student)

Meet Bunmi Abari, a 21-year-old Nigerian college student who uses photography and fashion as his primary forms a self-expression.

Continue reading “One in 22,000: A Passion for Photography”

Getting Involved On Campus


This photo displays college students interviewing Towson University alumni Brandy Hall. (Photo Credit: Alexander Muldrow/TU student)

Towson University presents students with a vibrant campus life that offers students countless ways to get involved with clubs and organizations, as well as network with others. Listen to this story about one employee attempting to get students involved.

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Mental Stress Among College Students


The photo above displays a college student studying for an upcoming exam. (Photo Credit: Alexander Muldrow/Towson University)

Alexis Berry is currently a college sophomore at Towson University who has been struggling with a lot of stress over the last few years. Berry admitted that she has been dealing with symptoms of depression ever since her senior year at high school. She said things that lead to her rising stress levels are nonspecific to both school and family life.

“I definitely feel like family life started to take a toll more this semester, and it started to affect me more this semester than in the past… because I was used to just suppressing whatever was going on, and now this semester started to become too much,” Berry said.

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TU’s Networking Fair Provides Opportunities to Students


The photo above displays Towson University students talking with employers regarding possible internships or full-time job opportunities.  (Photo By: Alexander Muldrow/Towson University Student)

The Mass Communication department hosted a networking fair Wednesday morning, which offered students the opportunity to broaden their personal brand, learn about new companies, pursue internships, and find employment after college. Continue reading “TU’s Networking Fair Provides Opportunities to Students”

Meet The Owner of Muldrows Diesel Engineering


Robert Muldrow is displayed above sitting outside of his truck, where his business operates.  (Photo by: Alexander Muldrow/Towson University Student)


Here is a short documentary on diesel mechanic Robert “Bobby” Muldrow, who owns a small business. His job includes providing emergency roadside assistance to a large variety of diesel powered engines. Muldrow also gives a brief background on who he is and what got him into his mechanic profession.


“X” A Play That Educates


Photograph was strictly prohibited during the performance, so this photo of the stage was taken during the intermission. (Photo by: Alexander Muldrow/Towson University)


Towson University students, and people of the local community learned a lot about the life and death of Malcolm X, by way of the arts.

Fully titled, “X: Or Betty Shabazz v. The Nation” was a play written by Marcus Gardley, and directed by Ian Belknap. Continue reading ““X” A Play That Educates”

The Weather Shot


I chose this photo because it captures the sky on gloomy day in Towson. I also like the view of the trees that take up most of the picture because it adds more depth to the environment.

The Plan for Something Big

20170305_224854This picture captures two roommates David (left), and Montrell (right), who are discussing possible ideas for an app that they plan to create. I chose this photo because it displays the two right in the middle of their conversation. It also shows that people can have conversation and be productive at the same time.

The Tiger Shot

I chose to publish this photo because it captures some of the best things that Towson University’s campus has to offer. The tiger, Stephen’s Hall, and the flags, which all come together nicely in this photo. I also like how the tiger does not act as the focal point of the picture.


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