The photo above displays Towson University students talking with employers regarding possible internships or full-time job opportunities.  (Photo By: Alexander Muldrow/Towson University Student)

The Mass Communication department hosted a networking fair Wednesday morning, which offered students the opportunity to broaden their personal brand, learn about new companies, pursue internships, and find employment after college.

The networking fair was held in the Chesapeake ball rooms on the 3rd floor in the university union. There were 16 companies, and roughly 260 students that attended the event with hopes to “network” with these companies.

The Salazon Chocolate Company attended the networking fair with hopes to expand its company to more people. This company began in 2009, and became known as the first salted chocolate on the market. Tom Barnes, a marketing and operations manager, Salazon Chocolate Company was there as the lone spokesman for the small business.

“We plan to stay as a freelance company that sell our chocolate to big buyers like whole foods.” Barnes said.

Barnes also wanted to provide students within the public relation and advertising fields with internship opportunities, that could possibly lead into full-time employment.

Secu Credit Union was another company in attendance at the networking fair looking to provide students with either part-time or full-time positions with the company even if they have minimum job experience. This credit union was founded in 1951, and is based solely out of the state of Maryland, and has also earned the reputation of becoming the largest credit union in the state.

According to Tom Benner, a spokesman for Secu who has been with the company for 8 years, their credit union looks to work with regular everyday residents in the state of Maryland unlike big banks.   Secu also there looking to lure students away from big banks and toward credit unions like Secu because of the benefits that come with the company.

Abby Norelli, a Towson Student from New Jersey was at the networking fair looking for employment right after she graduates in the spring. Her major is mass communications with a double track in advertising and public relations, and she also minors in electronic media and film.

“I’ve already had a few internships since I been in college,” Norelli said. “But as of now, I need an actual job after I graduate.”

The networking fair lasted from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.