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Social Media Presents: A New form of Journalism

Social media can be seen as something that is ever evolving, and it has had a major impact on journalism for the better. And because of its major impact on journalism, journalist need to adapt, and begin to take advantage of everything that social media has to offer.

Alyssa Kritsch published a very informative article on her Hootsuite blog, about the changes that social media are causing within the field of journalism. Her article focuses on four major factors that journalist should consider when using social media to get a story, and each of these are essential when attempting to piece together a factual story.

“Source from the Street, Master the Art of Listening, Amplify Your Story, and Analyze the Results” Kritsch said.

Kritsch also goes into great detail on each of the four factors and how to correctly conduct each of these four factors when on social media.

I completely agree with Kritsch; it is essential that journalist become very familiar with social media and all of its benefits. It can be a great place to find the inside scoop on a story, or even expand your own network. Social networks like twitter should not been seen as a specific media outlet for journalist, but rather as an extension of a journalist’s network to receive new information. 



Original Article:

“Four Ways Social Media is Changing Journalism”

By: Alyssa Kritsch

Published by Hootsuite blogs


A Little About Me

Hello Journalism and new Media 257 Class,

My name is Alexander Muldrow and I am in your journalism 257 class. I am currently in my sophomore year at Towson University. I am a  Mass Communications major (and I am also considering to minor in Spanish), with aspirations to become a sports journalist and/or broadcaster. I currently live on campus in Newell Hall. Some things to know about me are: I am an avid sports fan. Of the three major sports that take place in America, I prefer to watch basketball and my favorite NBA team is the Boston Celtics.

The picture used for this posting was taken the day after my 20th birthday. It includes my older brother (left), my aunt (middle) and myself (right).




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